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Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino Lagging Wall - Case Study

US Fabrics supplied a 21,000 p/f² prefabricated drainboard with a 23 g/min/ft flow rate to Cincinnati based contractor Richard Goettle to place between the lagging wall and concrete wall of the $400 Million Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino. A total of (65) 4' x 50' rolls were supplied, totaling 13,000 SF of drainboard. The drainboard product was placed with the fabric facing the lagging wall. A concrete wall will then be built, placing the composite drain between the lagging and concrete wall. The product was attached at the top and dropped down and secured for an easy installation!

  • (65) 4' x 50' rolls of drainboard
  • Total of 13,000 SF
  • Placed between lagging wall and concrete wall
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