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Specialty Geotextiles

US Fabrics offers woven and nonwoven specialty geotextiles in addition to our standard construction fabrics. Many of these products have been specifically developed for each unique application. Traditional “off-the-shelf” geotextiles can have issues with finish, thickness or packaging which make them perform poorly for these specialized applications.

Our nonwoven PG line of Polyurea Geotextiles are packaged to prevent wrinkling and custom manufactured to provide a smooth, consistent surface and an even thickness throughout. These products ensure full coverage with minimum waste of polyurea.

US Fabrics is the only geotextile company that has worked directly with aeromodelers to develop a model runway fabric. US 230 Aeromodeling Fabric is manufactured and packaged to avoid seams, creases and the inconsistent finish that are typical of standard geotextiles. See why over 100 clubs and counting have installed this product with great success!

US 180NW Cow Carpet® meets most NRCS specifications and is great for feed bunks, paddocks, riding rings and transition areas.

US Fabrics also offers woven and nonwoven Orange Warning Barrier geotextiles. These products function as an indicator to excavators that the soils below are contaminated. US 65HVO can include “Do Not Dig” printed in English and Spanish.

Please visit the links below for more information on these products. Do not hesitate to call should you have any questions or require additional information.

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