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Polyurea Geotextiles

Polyurea Geotextiles

Due to their flexibility, seamless nature and strength, polyurea geotextile geomembranes are being utilized as alternatives to traditional geomembranes. In fact, seamless polyurea geotextile geomembranes are now a preferred choice for many complex liner installations. However, standard geotextiles do not offer the optimum performance characteristics. What is required is a polyurea geotextile.

What is a Polyurea Geotextile?

US Fabrics’ PG line of nonwoven polyurea geotextiles are specifically manufactured to perform at the highest level when sprayed with polyurea. Unlike a standard nonwoven geotextile, a polyurea geotextile is designed to provide the optimum surface finish for accepting the polyurea in a uniform manner from edge to edge.

US Fabrics’ PG line of nonwoven polyurea geotextiles are optimized during production to provide ultimate performance when sprayed with polyurea. If you have been using standard production geotextiles for your spray on polyurea liners, contact us to purchase a polyurea geotextile!


US Fabrics offers three nonwoven products specifically designed to provide ultimate performance when used in polyurea spray on applications. Through many trials, utilizing a wide variety of both woven and nonwoven fabrics, US Fabrics has developed a line of polyurea geotextiles that consistently outperform “off the shelf” geotextiles.


Geotextile surface characteristics play an important role in absorption of the polyurea. Standard geotextiles are not manufactured with this in mind. Our PG fabrics have a specifically engineered finishing process that can be applied to one or both sides. This unique finishing offers many benefits, including an aesthetically pleasing finished product.


The PG finish is very smooth and consistent from edge to edge resulting in less absorption and better adhesion of the polyurea. As a result, many installers have found our PG products require less polyurea to achieve desired coverage!


The PG line of polyurea geotextiles are battle tested over many years with millions of square feet currently installed and in service.

Woven Vs Nonwoven Geotextiles

Spraying a polyurea on a woven geotextile is problematic. Many woven geotextiles, such as monofilaments, have visible, open areas. These areas do not completely fill with the polyurea and therefore do not offer a significant physical bond with the geotextile. The flat tape of most woven stabilization geotextiles creates a level surface that is not easily penetrated by the polyurea.

Geotextile surface characteristics play an important role in absorption of the polyuera. Nonwoven geotextiles have a relatively smooth surface that easily absorbs polymeric materials and offers excellent adhesion for the polyurea coating. Additionally, nonwoven geotextiles offer good puncture and tear resistance. As such, nonwovens are the best option to create a polyurea geotextile.

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