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Providing the most comprehensive geosynthetic lines in the industry

Products Overview


US Fabrics has one of the most extensive and complete lines of geotextiles in the industry including wovens, nonwovens, monofilaments, filtration, stabilization, separation and specialty products.


US Fabrics has a complete line of geogrids: Strata geogrids for SRW and slope applications and BaseGrid geogrids for base stabilization projects.


US Fabrics' complete line of geosynthetic liners includes: 20-60 mil PVC and 20-120 mil LLDPE and 30-120 mill HDPE in both textured and smooth.

Cellular Confinement (Geocell)

US Fabrics offers EnviroGrid™ cellular confinement for slopes, walls and stabilization projects.

EcoTube™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes

US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Geotextile Tubes are a cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to traditional dewatering methods.

Other Products

US Fabrics offers one of the largest selection of geosynthetics in our industry including: erosion control products, sand bags, filter bags, silt fences and other specialty geotextiles.