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AWD Sheet Drains - Single Sided

  • Engineered geospacer drainage product consisting of a formed, SOLID polymeric core and a laminated geotextile on one side.

  • Effective for vertical and horizontal installation requiring full or discrete coverage.

  • Cost effective, engineered solution for subsurface water management from one primary direction.

Product Application Gudelines:

Standard fabric is a needle-punched nonwoven except:
T = Spunbond Nonwoven
(Higher tensile and tear strength for challenging installations).
W = Woven Monofilament
(Use with fine grain sands or when a very high strength fabric is needed).
The last number of each product refers to the oz/sy weight of the attached fabric.
Options include standard 3oz and AASHTO Grade 4.5oz, 6oz & 8oz.
Product specific fabric properties are detailed on each data sheet.

90 Series:
Strength - Moderate
Flow - Moderate
Core Compressive Strength - 9,000 psf
Core In-Plane Flow Rate - 12 g/min/ft2
110 Series:
Strength - Moderate
Flow - High
Core Compressive Strength - 11,000 psf
Core In-Plane Flow Rate - 18 g/min/ft2
180 Series:
Strength - High
Flow - High
Core Compressive Strength - 18,000 psf
Core In-Plane Flow Rate - 21 g/min/ft2
300 Series:
Strength - Very High
Flow - Moderate
Core Compressive Strength - 30,000 psf
Core In-Plane Flow Rate - 13 g/min/ft2

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