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Introducing the New & Improved Sleeve-It® SD-1!

Sleeve-It® SD-1 is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution for fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW). Sleeve-It® SD-1’s patent-pending design allows stable fence footings to be integrated into the SRW while it is being constructed. Sleeve-It® SD-1 replaces the wildly successful Sleeve-It® 1224R unit.

No Assembly Required!

Sleeve-It® SD-1 does not require assembly like the original Sleeve-It® 1224R unit! Sleeve-It® SD-1 ships fully assembled and ready to install! The units also nestle inside each other for easier storage and shipping.

Provide Resistance to Overturning & Sliding

The benefits of segmental retaining wall systems (SRW) have made them the mainstay of vertical grade separation structures for residential, commercial and private sectors. Unfortunately, these benefits are detrimental to the lateral resistance of a pedestrian fence installed directly behind the wall. A fence post secured in a 12" x 24" deep concrete foundation directly behind a dry-cast unit is not stable and will deflect almost immediately when placed under a horizontal load such as being struck by the bumper of an automobile. A properly installed Sleeve-It® unit will provide adequate resistance against overturning and/or sliding.

IBC Code Compliant

Incorporating Sleeve-It® SD-1during the SRW build permits a code-compliant fence to be constructed that eliminates the 36” offset requirements of IBC 1015.2. For retaining walls with summit fencing, Sleeve-It® reduces the risk for retaining wall failures resulting from improper fence integration, prevents damage to the geogrid and shortens construction time. Sleeve-It® SD-1 meets and exceeds the relevant compliance standards required by IBC 1015.2, IBC 1607.8.1 and ASCE 7 4.5.1.

Sleeve-It® SD-1 outperforms Sleeve-It® 1224R

Sleeve-It® SD-1 testing was performed by a retaining wall company and monitored by SGI Testing Services, LLC for the entirety of the testing process. Both systems were placed directly behind the modular block retaining wall and installed within the reinforced soil zone at a depth of approximately 2 feet. In this case, the fence posts were 5 feet apart. The reinforced backfill was a soil which is commonly found in many areas of United States. It was compacted in place to at least 95% of its Standard Proctor Dry Density. The conclusions drawn from the testing are as follows:

  1. Both the Sleeve-It® SD-1 and Sleeve-It® 1224R Fence Post Foundation Systems meet the requirements of the codes.
  2. Sleeve-It® SD-1 Fence Post Foundation System out-performed Sleeve-It® 1224R.
Better than Sonotubes®!

Testing of posts set in 12" x 24" Sonotubes® showed the SRW almost immediately deflects upon application of the horizontal load. The Sleeve-It® system showed significant improvement.

BABA (Buy America/Build America) Compliant.

Sleeve-It® SD-1 is manufactured in the United States.

  1. Sleeve-It® SD-1 base should be located 24" below finished grade.
  2. Sleeve-It® SD-1 can accommodate up to a 4” x 4” or 4” diameter fence post.
  3. We do not recommend the use of Sleeve-It® SD-1 for guard rails that would be used to resist vehicle impact loading.
  4. Pedestrian rail systems should be limited to 42" height with maximum post spacing of 8'.
  5. Fence Systems:
    1. Chain Link: Limit post height to 8' above finished grade with 8' max spacing.
    2. Ornamental (Steel, Aluminum, and Wrought Iron): Limit post height to 6' above finished grade with a maximum spacing of 10'.
    3. Open Board / Gap Board (70% Open): Limit post height to 6' above finished grade with a maximum spacing of 6'.

It is NOT appropriate to use privacy cloth or screening with Sleeve-It® SD-1.

It is NOT appropriate to use Sleeve-It® SD-1 with the following systems:

  1. Wind screens
  2. Sound barriers
  3. Solid board
  4. Privacy fencing

Any systems with post heights in excess of 10' or post spacing in excess of 12' should be reviewed by US Fabrics Inc before approval.

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