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AWD HQ Combination Drains

  • Patented, engineered geospacer product consisting of a dual height polymeric core and a fully wrapped, laminated geotextile.

  • Designed to provide an engineered transition from 0.44” (11mm) sheet drain to 1” (25.4mm) strip drain with continuous flow.

  • A unique and proven system approach to geospacer drainage collection and conveyance.

    Product Application Gudelines:

    Strength - Moderate
    Flow - High
    Core Compressive Strength - 9,000 psf
    Core In-Plane Flow Rate - 21 g/min/ft2

    244 - 4.5oz Nonwoven
    246 - 6.0oz Nonwoven
    248 - 8.0oz Nonwoven

    Standard Series HQ:
    Single-Sided Drainage

    HQ "B" Series:
    Single-Sided Drainage
    Polymeric Film on Backside (for use with waterproofing membranes)

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