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Light Weight Nonwoven Geotextiles

Light Weight Nonwoven Geotextiles

US Fabrics' light weight nonwoven geotextiles (3 oz. to 5 oz.) are manufactured from staple fibers or continuous filaments that are bonded by mechanically entangling the fibers with barbed needles and then heat set.

  • 3 – 5 oz/sy
  • AASHTO Class 3 Nonwovens
  • NTPEP Approved Fabrics
  • Filter Fabrics
  • Subsurface Drainage Geotextiles
  • French Drain Fabric
  • Pipe Wrap
  • Athletic Field Installations
  • Asphalt Overlay Fabric
  • Landscape Fabrics

Most lightweight nonwoven geotextiles (3 oz. To 5 oz.) are used as filter fabric in subsurface drainage applications. High flow rates and small openings are what make these geotextiles ideal as filter fabrics. Wrapping a nonwoven filter fabric around the stone in a drainage system allows water into the drain while preventing soil fines from entering and clogging the system.

In addition to drainage, lightweight nonwoven geotextiles are often used for lightweight separation under paver patios and walkways. They are also popular for separation and drainage under athletic field installations.

AASHTO M-288 Class 3 Nonwovens

US 120NW meets AASHTO M-288 Class 3 for Subsurface Drainage, Stabilization and Separation. All of our lightweight nonwovens are also NTPEP approved.

Specialty Light Weight Nonwovens

Lightweight nonwoven geotextiles can also be specifically manufactured to be used as asphalt overlay fabric. These specialty geotextiles are designed to hold tack coat and withstand extreme temperatures. Placing an overlay fabric between the old asphalt and the new overlay reduces reflective cracking and extends the life of the asphalt. A moisture barrier that protects the overlay from water intrusion is created when the geotextile absorbs the tack coat.

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