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Stratagrid Geo Grids

Stratagrid Geogrids

US Fabrics is pleased to offer Stratagrid, the only precision knitted geo grid available in the market today. The Strata manufacturing process insures superior quality, consistency and dimensional stability. Strata geogrid offers superior junction integrity and a higher coefficient of soil interaction compared to any other polyester geo grid. Stratagrid is the standard by which all other geogrid products are measured.

  • Only Precision Knitted Geogrid
  • Consistent & Stable
  • Superior Junction Integrity
  • Higher Coefficient of Soil Interaction


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Segmental Retaining Walls with Stratagrid

Segmental retaining walls provide unmatched outer beauty. Reinforcing the retained soil mass with Strata geo grid provides superior internal strength. These structures can be designed to uphold even the most stringent of project requirements. Walls reinforced with Strata geogrid provide an aesthetically pleasing, quick and cost-effective alternative to conventional poured-in-place and cantilever retaining walls.

Conventional site retaining walls, landscaping walls, stream channelization, bridge abutments, and tiered architectural walls are all acceptable applications for Strata geo grid. Using Stratagrid in these structures will help reduce site development costs, allow for design variability, minimize foundation preparation and result in rapid, simple construction.

Slope Reinforcement with Stratagrid

Increasing useable land has become an important economic factor in property development. Developers and designers faced with the challenge of maximizing land use often encounter difficult topographic characteristics and soil conditions.

Slopes reinforced with Strata geo grid can be constructed more steeply than the soil's natural angle of repose, eliminating costly facing elements and substantially increasing useable land. In addition, they offer the site engineer the flexibility to create stable structures that fit the natural contours of the land. Strata geo grid is layered within the compacted soil to create a reinforced soil composite that has high internal stability.

Strata is excellent for reinforced steepened slopes, surficial stability of embankments, stream channelization, embankments constructed over weak soils, levees, temporary walls, pressure relief walls and bridge abutments.

Microgrid Facing Geogrid

Strata MicroGrid is a geogrid designed to work as part of the facing and as a secondary reinforcement when constructing a reinforced slope with welded wire facing units. The Microgrid confines aggregate or soil within the facing units. Because of Microgrid's unique apertures, the use of a TRM when vegetating the face may not be necessary. Stratagrid is used as the primary reinforcement. Please see the "Bank of Kentucky" project under our "Case Studies" tab for more information on this type of structure.

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