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AWD Composite Drains

AWD Composite Drains

US Fabrics is proud to offer American Wick Drain (AWD) SITEDRAIN composite drains. These pre-fabricated composite drains, sometimes referred to as dimpleboards, strip drains or sheet drains, are an excellent alternative to traditional aggregate and geotextile wrapped pipe systems.

American Wick Drain prefabricated drainage systems (PDS) consist of two parts: a geosynthetic filter fabric and a molded plastic core. The fabric is attached to the core, providing excellent drainage while preventing the backfill from entering the core channel. SITEDRAIN Sheet Drains offer excellent flow rates (60 - 150 g/m/sf).

The core is made of high strength plastic that withstands the type of abuse incurred during backfilling. The high strength cores of AWD SITEDRAIN Sheet Drains & Strip Drains (11,000 - 30,000psf) can handle light construction to the most demanding site conditions.

  • High strength cores that withstand up to 30,000psf.
  • High flow capacity of up to 150g/m/sf.
  • Core is lightweight, flexible and resistant to chemicals and cold weather cracking.
  • Available with AASHTO Grade fabrics.
  • Available with a woven monofilament (for fine grain sands).

Standard SITEDRAIN products are manufactured with a 100lb nonwoven, needlepunched fabric attached on one side. All series are available with AASHTO Grade (1, 2 & 3) nonwoven fabrics or a woven monofilament fabric. They are also available with a perforated core and wrapped with fabric on both sides. 

Please click on the link to view a video detailing a backyard drainage installation.

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