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City of Newark Anaerobic Digester Cleaning with EcoTube™ - Case Study

US Fabrics partnered with Burch Hyrdro Inc to start the yearly cleaning of anaerobic digesters for the City of Newark, Ohio. Pumping was completed in less than a week. Sludge in EcoTubes™ near 20% solids.

  • 2 60' x 100' EcoTubes™ , polymer feed system and 3-man pump/vac crew
  • Aprox. 1.0 MG of sludge with 3-6% solids
  • Pumping completed in less than a week
  • EcoTubes™ opened and sludge removed in less that 30 days
  • Sludge in EcoTubes™ at close to 20% solids
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