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EcoTube™ Vs Dewatering Box - Southwest Ohio - Case Study

A southwest Ohio community teamed with US Fabrics to conduct a study comparing the viability and efficiency of an EcoTube™ versus an industry popular dewatering box. The community had three existing sand drying beds which were refurbished to serviceable status. The dewatering box and polymer feed unit were placed in the middle drying bed. Two 30' x 60' EcoTubes™ were placed in the adjacent beds to either side and connected to the polymer unit. The polymer unit was calibrated to reach maximum sludge/water separation.

  • The first pour into the dewatering box yielded a total of 7,500 gallons of 2% solids from the aerated digester. The first pour into a 30' x 60' EcoTube™ yielded 30,000 gallons of 2% solids from the aerated digester.
  • Subsequent pours into the dewatering box have resulted in a total of 14,000 gallons into the box that yet to fully dewater.
  • In comparison, the 30' x 60' EcoTubes™ have dewatered a total of 300,000 gallons of 2% digester sludge with room for additional sludge! The sludge in the EcoTubes™ when hauled away will yield between 16-25% solids.
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