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Blindside Wall Waterproofing

A blindside wall is a new concrete wall built against, or very close to, an existing concrete wall, earth embankment or some type of shoring. Blindside wall construction is tricky because it differs from traditional foundation wall construction. Constructing a blind side wall requires the use of one-sided forms. Often, the form installation is done without conventional form ties. Bracing and prefabricated formwork components are used to avoid failures. Even short walls are susceptible to failure without proper formwork and ties.

Water intrusion can also cause serious issues. Waterproofing a blindside wall is a necessary, but challenging job. Water intrusion after the fact can be very difficult to locate and repair. Prefabricated wall drains are a cost-effective solution.

Recommended Products:

  • SITEDRAIN Strip 6000 Series
  • SITEDRAIN Strip 9000 Series
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