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Bridge Abutments

Geosynthetic-reinforced soil (GRS) integrated bridge systems have proven cost-effective while offering excellent performance characteristics and the capacity to carry very high loads. A GRS system is a soil mass reinforced with layers of a geogrid or a high-strength woven reinforcement geotextile with facings such as precast concrete panels, modular concrete blocks, geotextiles, timbers or gabions.

GRS systems have been used for decades to construct bridge abutments, temporary or permanent retaining walls, slopes, embankments and shallow foundations. A GRS bridge system installed at Bowman Rd in Defiance County, Ohio in 2005 has become an EPA success story. US Fabrics has provided woven reinforcement geotextiles for many of the GRS bridges of Defiance County. You can read more about these bridges by clicking the link provided below.

GRS systems have demonstrated that they can lower costs by as much as 25%; are easily constructed; and offer a structurally sound alternative to many conventional solutions. They actually provide several advantages over traditional solutions, including less differential foundation settlement; the ability to utilize lower-quality backfill; the possible elimination of piling weak foundations; and more economical, less sophisticated construction methods. In some cases, construction time can be reduced from several months to as little as 3 weeks.

  • Cost-Effective (Save 25%)
  • Reduction in Construction Time
  • Excellent Performance
  • Structurally Sound
  • Handles Very High Loads
  • Less Differential Settlement
  • Use Lower Quality Backfill
  • Eliminates Piling
  • Decades of Use

Please feel free to contact US Fabrics for more information on geosynthetics and geogrids used to reinforce GRS systems.

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