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Construction Fabrics

"Construction fabric" is a generic term describing geotextiles used in construction applications. This term may cover many different geotextile types and applications utilized on construction projects. More than likely there is a specification that details the specific fabric type and the properties required. When there are no guidelines for your project, US Fabrics may be able to help determine the correct construction fabric.

There are three main types of construction fabrics: needle punched nonwovenwoven monofilament and woven slit film. Nonwovens offer excellent water flow and are most likely used as filter fabrics to prevent clogging of drainage systems. Woven monofilaments are typically used in shoreline erosion control or rip rap applications. Woven slit-films offer excellent strength and are used to separate rock from the subgrade in construction entrances as well as for reinforcement and stabilization when dealing with problematic subgrade soils.


  • Nonwoven Construction Fabrics
    • Filtration in Drainage Systems
    • Excellent Water Flow
  • Woven Monofilament Construction Fabrics
    • Shoreline Erosion Control
    • Rip-Rap
  • Woven Slit Films
    • Excellent Strengths
    • Separation
    • Stabilization
    • Reinforcement


US Fabrics offers a complete line of construction fabrics for any application. Please call or email us to discuss your project or specification in detail.

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