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Driveway Fabrics

Marie Laveau was a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo, who was renowned in New Orleans. She lived from 1801 to 1881 practicing her well known magic. Well, some ancestor of hers must be alive and working for US Fabrics to produce some black magic called US 200. Now this material is absolutely magic. Don’t ask how it works, just understand that in my road, it mysteriously keeps my rocks separated from that clay base. In the past, my rock would slip and slide into the clay until it was gone to another world….and it didn’t take long. The US 200 stands guard, and maintains my expensive rock on top where I want it. Not only that, but all my boggy areas, are now firm areas. I started with just a few rolls of this material, but upon seeing the success, I’m on the phone with Michelle making repeated orders

Thank you Marie, Michelle and Chuck for lowering my operating costs with your magic product.
— Marc in East Texas

A geotextile driveway fabric placed between the sub-base and the gravel surface in a driveway has many benefits. Chief among them are reducing ruts and potholes, preventing "pumping" and reducing the need to replace the rock surface of your driveway every few years. It also offers benefits for your asphalt or concrete driveway by reducing cracking and prolonging life.

  • Reduce Ruts & Potholes
  • Prevent Pumping
  • Save Aggregate
  • Reduce Cracking of Asphalt
  • Prolong Life

US 200 is the geotextile that we recommend for the typical residential driveway. Some job-specific conditions may require utilizing a heavier stabilization fabric. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Use Wovens

US 200 is a woven stabilization geotextile. Some companies promote a nonwoven for driveways. A nonwovens' primary function is as a filter fabric and not a stabilizer. Woven geotextiles provide the crucial stabilization/separation required, while still allowing plenty of water to pass. In addition, a nonwoven geotextile stretches much more than a woven geotextile, which makes a nonwoven geotextile a less appealing option for driveways.


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