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Golf Course Drainage & Ponds

Geosynthetics are widely used in golf course construction and maintenance. In particular, geosynthetic capping systems are being used to convert closed landfills into beautiful links style golf courses.

Geosynthetic pond liners (PVC, LLDPE) allow designers the ability to place ponds and water features wherever they desire creating visually pleasant and challenging features that make playing the course all the more enjoyable. Artificially created ponds and lakes can also double as part of the water storage and irrigation system, reducing stormwater management costs, improve drainage to keep fairways dry and provide habitat for landscaping features. These flexible pond liners are cost-effective and can be produced in panels that ease construction and reduce installation times. Without a need to field weld, they can be installed quickly without specialized labor.

Bunkers require efficient drainage that balances the bunker’s shape with the erosion risks presented by storm water. Nonwoven geotextiles and geosynthetic drainboards provide excellent options to keep these bunkers playable.

Frost covers and green covers can be prefabricated to any size to help maintain the course and lower maintenance cost and downtime. Filter bags are an excellent way to dewater ponds of silt build up without creating issues for surrounding waterways.

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