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Subsurface Drainage

Impermeable soils in need of subsurface drainage typically have some feature below the surface that prevents water from moving deeper into the soil such as shallow bedrock, glacial till or clay layers.

Geosynthetics are commonly used to solve subsurface drainage issues in applications such as roads and parking lots, sports fields, retaining walls, golf courses, landfills and landscaping. US Fabrics has various geosynthetics engineered for subsurface drainage applications.

Our needle-punched nonwoven line include products that meet all classes of the AASHTO M-288 specification for subsurface drainage as well as the FHWA most D.O.T. drainage specifications.

Our woven monofilaments offer a combination of high strength and excellent hydraulic characteristics. They have a unique property, Percent Open Area, which are uniform and measurable openings in the fabric. This assures that problematic soil particles, mainly fine-grained beach sands, have a direct path through the fabric. Fine grain sands will clog woven slit-films or nonwoven needle-punched geotextiles. Woven monofilaments are perfect subsurface drainage geotextiles for seawalls, bulkheads and shoreline rip-rap applications. We have monofilaments that also meet AASHTO, FHWA and various D.O.T. specifications.

US Fabric also offers a full line of three-dimensional, bi-planer geonet and geocomposite drainage products for demanding applications such as the heavy highway and environmental market, including landfill leachate collection, leak detection, methane gas collection and pavement drainage. These bi-planer geonets are designed to withstand the high compressive pressures unique to the environmental landfill or heavy highway market.

US Fabrics is proud to offer American Wick Drain (AWD) SITEDRAIN composite drains. These pre-fabricated composite drains are an excellent alternative to traditional aggregate and geotextile wrapped pipe systems and are well suited for use as subsurface drainage in sports fields and as an alternative to the standard gravel trench drain.

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