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Hanes Geo TerraTex HPG-4x6 US Fabric Equivalent is US 450T

US 450T is a woven geotextile produced from polypropylene slit-film tapes. This product is used for reinforecement applications. US 450T meets the following M.A.R.V. values:

TerraTex HPG-4x6 is a polypropylene woven fabric. This engineered geotextile is stabilized to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure. It is resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew and insects, and is non-biodegradable. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13, making it one of the most stable polymers available for geotextiles today. TerraTex HPG-4x6 is manufactured to meet the following minimum average roll values:  This data sheet for TerraTex 4x6 is provided for comparison purposes only.

Hanes Geo TerraTex HPG-4x6 Test Data

Property Test Method English Metric
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D-4632 600 x 700 lbs 2,670 x 3,115 N
Elongation @ Break ASTM D-4632 15 % 15 %
Wide Width Tensile Strength ASTM D-4595 4,800 x 7,200 lbs/ft 70.05 x 105.08 kN/m
Wide Width Elongation @ Break ASTM D-4595 14 x 9 % 14 x 9 %
Wide Width Tensile Strength @ 5 % Strain ASTM D-4595 1,200 x 2,604 lbs/ft 17.51 x 38 kN/m
CBR Puncture ASTM D-6241 2,400 lbs 10,680 N
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D-4533 180 x 275 lbs 801 x 1,224 N
Apparent Opening Size(1,2) ASTM D-4751 40 US Sieve 0.425 mm
Permittivity(1) ASTM D-4491 0.26 Sec⁻¹ 0.26 Sec⁻¹
Water Flow Rate(1) ASTM D-4491 20 g/min/f² 815 L/min/m²
UV Resistance @ 500 Hours ASTM D-4355 80 % 80 %
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