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Nonwoven Bond Breaker Geotextiles

Nonwoven Bond Breaker Geotextile

Bond breaker geotextiles have been successfully used for decades by German engineers as interlayers to separate new concrete pavement layers from existing cementitious bases. Unlike typical civil nonwoven geotextiles, bond breaker geotextiles owe their effectiveness to their increased thicknesses and critical hydraulic properties.

Interlayer bond breaker geotextiles offer added structural capacity, decreased deformation and are durable. Their use decreases maintenance for rehabilitated concrete roadways. Bond breaker geotextiles provide separation between the two independent layers of pavement and allow water to drain towards the edges of the roadway. Their cushioning characteristic reduces concentrated bearing stresses and distributes tension over a wider area of the pavement. As such, they prevent joints or cracks from reoccurring on the newly paved surface. 

Benefits of US Fabrics' Bond Breakers as an interlayer include:

  • Lower material and installation costs compared to an asphalt interlayer
  • Ease of installation – minimum of training and equipment
  • Providing separation between the two independent layers of pavement
  • Reducing concentrated bearing stresses and distributing tensions
  • Facilitation of proper drainage towards roadway edges
  • Prevention from joints and cracks reflecting up to the new concrete layer
  • Added structural capacity and decreased roadway deformation

Bond Breaker Products & Specifications

The American Concrete Pavement Association has created a Geotextile Separation Interlayer Guide Specification. Additionally, many D.O.T.’s have developed their own bond breaker specifications. Please fell free to contact us to discuss your bond breaker geotextile specification.

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