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Uni-Axial Knitted Geogrid

STRATAGRID SG500/SGU100 is geogrid reinforcement for soil. These high performance geogrids are constructed of high molecular weight and high tenacity polyester yarns utilizing a complex knitting process and polymer coating provide superior engineering properties. Yarns are precision knitted into a dimensionally stable, uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile reinforcement capacity. STRATAGRID is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and in aggressive soil environments (pH range from 3-9). STRATAGRID SG500/SGU100 meets the following properties:

Detailed Overview
Drop in Specs
SG500/SGU100 General Application(s):
Property Test Method English Metric
Creep Limited Strength ASTM D-5262/D-6992 4,129 lbs/ft 60.3 kN/m
Long Term Design Strength (Sands, Silt and Clay) LTDS or Tal 3,412 lbs/ft 49.8 kN/m
Molecular Weight (min.) GRI GG8 25,000 g/mol 25,000 g/mol
Carboxyl End Group Count (max.) GRI GG7 30 Meg/kg 30 Meg/kg
Ultimate Strength ASTM D-6637 Meth. A 6,400 lbs/ft 93.4 kN/m

SG500/SGU100 Shipping & Packaging Information

Roll Size Roll Diameter Roll Width Roll Weight Rolls per Trailer
6.25' x 288' 15" 6.25' 145 lbs 280
12.5' x 288' 15" 12.5' 290 lbs 120

SG500/SGU100 Installation and Use Instructions

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