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What is the maximum recommended post spacing for Sleeve It?

1. Chain Link Fence: 8’0” max height at 8’0” centers. 2. Ballustrated PVC, Steel, or wrought iron: 6’0” max height at 8’0” centers. 3. Gap Board Wood Fence: 6’0” max height at 8’0” centers. 4. Pedestrian Guards: 4’0” max height at 8’0” spacing

Can I use Sleeve It with privacy fencing?

No. It is NOT appropriate to use privacy cloth or screening in conjunction with these systems.

Can I use Sleeve It with guardrails?

No. Sleeve-It was not designed for vehicular load conditions.

Can I use Sleeve It with sound barriers?


Can I use Sleeve It with wind screens?

No. Sleeve it has not been tested under wind conditions.

Is Sleeve It available in different sizes or circumferences?

No. The only model is the 1224R: 12" diameter tube; 24" deep.

Who should install Sleeve It?

Sleeve It needs to be integrated into the retaining wall during construction of the wall. Therefore, the wall contractor is the best person to install the product.

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The Sleeve-It™ System offers the finishing touch to retaining wall solutions that include Stratagrid high tenacity geosynthetic reinforcement. The patent-pending Sleeve-It™ System (rail integration device) is a code compliant, fence-post anchoring system that integrates stable fence footings into the support structure of retaining walls during the construction of the retaining wall.

Provide Resistance to Overturning & Sliding

The inherent benefits of dry cast, mortarless retaining wall systems have made them the mainstay of vertical grade separation structures for residential, commercial and private sectors. Unfortunately, these benefits are detrimental to the lateral resistance of a pedestrian fence installed directly behind the wall. A fence post secured in a 12" x 24" deep concrete foundation directly behind a dry-cast unit is not stable and will deflect almost immediately when placed under a horizontal load such as being struck by the bumper of an automobile.

A properly installed Sleeve-It™ unit will provide adequate resistance against overturning and/or sliding. The Sleeve-It™ system incorporates a D-4 & D-7 wire cantilever base with a 12" diameter by 24" deep HDPE sleeve to provide the necessary lateral and uplift resistance. The cantilever provides increased resistance to sliding forces and overturning moments. The soil mass directly above the Sleeve-It™ base adds vertical weight and passive resistance developed during soil uplift to provide further resistance to overturning.

Code Compliant

Sleeve-It™ meets or exceeds all requirements of the IBC and IRC codes for fences and guards. It maximizes useable real estate at the top of a retaining wall and reduces the risk for retaining wall failures resulting from improper fence integration and damage to the geogrid. It also shortens construction time for retaining walls with summit fencing.


Sleeve-It™ 1224R Testing

Sleeve-It™ testing includes full-scale load testing compared to conventional 12" diameter x 24" deep concrete post foundations placed directly behind retaining wall units.

Product Development Testing (2005): Initial development testing was based on a review of the PennDOT fence post testing performed in 1970 and a 2001 study of fence post anchoring systems published by Rutgers University in co-operation NJDOT and FHWA.

The development testing used an applied load at 24" above grade utilizing a steel fence post. The testing included 3 tests with a 12' x 24" deep forms without Sleeve-It™; 3 with Sleeve-It™; and 3 more with Sleeve-It™ and geogrid reinforcement. All post foundations were filled with ready mix concrete, 3,000 psi, 3/4" max aggregate size. An applied load was located 24" inches above grade.

The data from these tests indicates the 3 conventional 12" x 24" concrete post foundation provided 200 lbs maximum resistance with the load applied at 24" above grade. The 6 Sleeve-It™ tests showed they provided maximum resistance of 500-600 lbs.

Full Scale System Testing (2006): This testing was performed at the Sleeve-It™ facilities using a full-scale segmental wall 25' long by 51" tall with a compacted fill zone of 7' and utilizing hollow core 8"Hx16"Wx12" D units with a single layer of geogrid reinforcement situated directly beneath the Sleeve-It™ unit. Backfill was silty sand.

The results show the Sleeve-It™ 1224R system achieved a maximum capacity of 1,000 lbs for an applied load at 48" above grade versus 100 lbs for the control group of conventional post foundations.

Better than sonotubes. The control group of posts set in 12" x 24" sonotubes showed the wall almost immediately deflects upon application of the horizontal load. The average load capacity was around 100 lbs at an applied load 48" inches above grade. The Sleeve-It™ system group showed significant improvement. For Sleeve-It™ the maximum capacity was 1,000 lbs and the wall showed no movement at loads up to 400 lbs.

For more information on this testing refer to the "Sleeve-It Technical Note".