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StrataSlope Reinforced Soil Slope System

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How quickly can my crew install a StrataSlope system?

Typically, an experienced crew can install between 1,000 - 1,500 sf per day.

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StrataSlope Reinforced Soil Slope System

Maximizing land use is an increasingly important component of successful site management. Unfortunately, change-in-grade construction solutions can seem a bit daunting for the typical site contractor. Often, the contract documents do not contain finished engineering and construction drawings for items such as reinforced soil slopes.

In such cases, US Fabrics offers the StataSlope® System, an affordable and flexible change-in-grade construction solution for severe topographic challenges, problematic soil conditions and land development needs.

By utilizing the StrataSlope® Systems approach, you gain access to technical resources, project management and site consultation from the first stages through finished construction.

The StrataSlope® System incorporates high quality, knitted geogrid with various face treatments that address long-term structural stability and erosion, while providing numerous aesthetic solutions. System components can include: StrataGrid uniaxial geogrids; polypropylene, biaxial geogrids; nonwoven and woven geotextiles; erosion control mats; and welded wire forms.

We will review the contractor provided grading plan with proposed reinforced soil slope limits and provide a preliminary design and product quantity estimate for use in bidding the project. The system will be priced per square foot and includes:

  • Primary reinforcement uniaxial geogrid
  • Face wrap material and secondary reinforcement
  • Black steel or galvanized welded wire forms
  • One day site assistance
  • Engineering and construction drawings with state engineer’s seal
  • Shop Drawings for construction – including but not limited to:
  • Profile views for slope including reinforcement locations, types, and requirements
  • Details
  • Sections
  • Notes
  • Design Calculations
  • Assistance with shop drawing approval

Reinforced Soil Slope with Vegetated Face

In regions with sufficient rainfall or locations where irrigation is possible, vegetation offers the most economical facing choice for a reinforced soil slope. Vegetated slopes are excellent options for structures subject to settlement since they can visually mask some settlement while hard structures cannot. Their soft, green aesthetic allows the use of indigenous and/or select species more tolerant to variations in weather.

Vegetated slopes may be constructed to near vertical geometry. However, the more vertical the structure, the more critical irrigation and plant selection. For slopes 1H:1V or flatter, primary and secondary geogrids are combined with traditional erosion control products to provide a successful vegetated system.

strataslope - vegetated

For slopes steeper than 1H:1V, welded-wire forms are commonly utilized with Microgrid face wrap and primary reinforcement geogrid. The welded-wire form functions solely as a construction form and the Microgrid face wrap and permanent vegetative cover provide the long-term facing stability.

strataslope - steeper

Reinforced Soil Slope with Rock Facing

In arid regions or locations prohibitive to supporting vegetation, a rock or crushed-stone facing is recommended. Galvanized welded-wire forms are used to provide a long-term facing that also functions as the construction form. Rock selection is based on aesthetics and geometric opening size of the wire form. Strata can provide wire forms with modified apertures such as 2” x 12” openings to accommodate the use of smaller aggregate.

Stone facing is commonly utilized for permanent structures with near vertical geometry or waterway applications where water elevations prevent the establishment of vegetation.

strataslope - stone facing

Temporary Reinforced Soil Slopes

Woven and non-woven geotextiles are often utilized as the face wrap for temporary structures and black steel, welded-wire forms are utilized as construction forms. Temporary applications include roadway re-alignments, surcharge embankments, and staged construction.

strataslope - temporary

Advantages of the StrataSlope® Reinforced Soil Slope System:

  • Significant cost savings compared to steel-reinforced concrete structures
  • Tolerant of total or differential settlement
  • Multiple facing solutions including vegetation and rock fill
  • Fast Installation (1,000 to 1,500 sf/day)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal impact on environmental areas (i.e. wetlands, natural habitats)
  • Excellent structural capacity (i.e. 70º reinforced slopes exceeding 90-ft vertical height)
  • Utilize on-site fill or minimize borrow requirements