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FHWA Product Guide

NW = NonWoven

FHWA Selection Guide – Table 714-1 Separation and Stabilization Geotextile and Geotextile Filter Requirements (1)
  Woven Nonwoven
Class 1
Type A US 3600F US 205NW
Type B US 3600F US 205NW
Type C   US 205NW
Type D US 3600F US 205NW
Type E   US 205NW
Class 2
Type A US 230 US 160NW
Type B US 230 US 160NW
Type C   US 160NW
Type D US 230 US 160NW
Type E   US 160NW
714-2 Paving Geotextile Requirements
Paving US 120P
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