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Product Benefits of EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes

US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes are cost effective and result in minimal environmental impact. Many local water authorities have solved their municipal sludge problems by utilizing geotextile tubes and millions of gallons of municipal sediments have been pumped through and contained by US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes. Geotextile tubes are extremely efficient for containment and dewatering of industrial waste, municipal sludge, pulp, and paper sludge, marine sediments, and other pump slurries bi-products.

The use of US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes is simple: Deploy the rolls in your drying bed, anchor the tubes and/or tie the tubes together, attach the dredge/pump to fill the port(s) and fill. US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes are not a mechanical dewatering device and do not break down or malfunction like a centrifuge, belt press, vacuum or drum filter. They can be used for short term or permanent containment and can be stacked to minimize space requirements and maximize storage capacity.

US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ Sludge Dewatering Tubes are manufactured from high strength permeable geotextiles with specifically engineered retention and drainage properties and then fabricated into a variety of sizes. Excess water drains through small pores in the geotextile while the sludge and sediment are retained inside the tube resulting in effective dewatering and efficient volume reduction of the sludge. This volume reduction allows for repeated filling of the dewatering tube. Often, the quality of the decanted water is such that it can be returned to native waterways. After repeated filling and dewatering cycles, the retained sludge and sediment material will continue to consolidate and dry. When your desired consolidation is achieved, dispose of your retained sediment in a landfill or by another suitable method.


Tighter AOS More Contained Particles
Higher Flow Rate Faster Dewatering Times
Stronger Seams Safer Work Environment
Higher UV Resistance Better, Longer Lasting Tube
Tan or Silver Color Options Matches Environment
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