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Using Geotextile Fabric in Livestock Operations - A comprehensive article published by OSU discussing application, installation & maintenance of woven geotextiles and nonwoven geotextiles in agricultural applications.

Geotextile Feeding/Traffic Surfaces and Costs - An article that includes illustrations of geotextile feeding systems and a cost comparison of geotextile based pads versus traditional rock and cement pads.

Cooling Ponds for Dairy Cattle - This article, published by the University of Florida, discusses site selection, pond shapes and depths, proper shading and maintenance and discusses the use of cattle carpet.

Improving Farm Roads with Drainage - A short article published by the University of Minnesota detailing the importance of good drainage of the sub-grade to increase the life of farm roads. Drainage must always be addressed before using stabilization geotextiles.

Heavy Use Area Protection - The NRCS discusses using a separation geotextile and stone to protect areas such as stream crossings, cattle watering areas and feeding troughs, watering ramps, feedlots, walkways, loafing areas and farm roads.

Coastal Applications

Geosynthetics and Geosystems in Hydraulic & Coastal Engineering - Chapter 12, pg 895 discusses expected lifespan of geotextiles in these structures.


NRCS Conservation Practice Standards - A complete index of all NRCS conservation practice worksheets and practices including many that involve the use of geotextiles such as access roads.

Geosynthetics for Trails in Wet Areas - 2008 Edition - A comprehensive article published by the FHWA detailing the uses of geotextiles, geogrids and geonets for trails in wet areas.

General Applications

DJC - Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce - A very general overview of geosynthetics. Great as a starting point to a better understanding of geosynthetics.

Engineering Use of Geotextiles - Produced by the Departments of Army & Air Force. Fairly comprehensive, it covers pavement, filtration, drainage, embankments, railroad track stabilization, erosion control and reinforced soil walls.

GEOTEXTILE: It’s Application to Civil Engineering - An overview of various natural as well as synthetic textile fibers used for application as geotextiles.


Evaluation of Oxidative Behavior of Polyolefin Geosynthetics Utilizing Accelerated Aging Tests Based on Temperature and Pressure - A Drexel University study on the aging of geotextiles and geogrids under temperature, pressure, water environments.

Durability of Geosynthetics for Highway Applications - The research results described herein are included in four volumes on the subject of Durability of Geosynthetics for Highway Applications. Various aspects of geosynthetic durability were addressed in order to develop procedures that could be used to predict long-term strength losses of geosynthetics used in highway applications.

Installation and Ultra-Violet Exposure Damage of Geotextiles - The results showed that the nonwoven geotextiles presented a better installation damage behavior than the woven geotextile. The damage caused by the UV exposure was more significant to the nonwoven geotextiles (PET) than the woven geotextiles (PP), especially due to the polymer used in their manufacture process.

Comparison of CBR and Pin Puncture Strength Testing Used in the Evaluation of Geotextiles - ASTM has recently replaced the standard pin puncture strength test, D4833, with the CBR puncture strength test, D6241. The objective of this research is to attempt to correlate the CBR and pin puncture strengths for various categories of geotextiles, regardless of weave type and mass per unit area.

Correlation of ASTM D4833 and D6241 Geotextile Puncture Test Methods and Results for Use on WisDOT Projects

MSE Walls

FHWA- Effects of Geosynththetic Reinforcement Spacing on the Behavior of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls - A rather technical article detailing the impact spacing of geogrid or geotextile reinforcement has in controlling the behavior of MSEWs.

Roadway Stabilization & Separation

Geotextiles in Road Construction, Maintenance & Erosion Control. How important is permeability? Improper installation and poor product choice are main culprits in failure.

Validating Mechanisms in Geosynthetic Reinforced Pavements - Geogrids or Geotextiles? They report, you decide!

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