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Animal Waste Remediation

US Fabric’s EcoTubes™ geotextile dewatering tubes can be a useful tool in battling eutrophication. Eutrophication is excessive richness of dissolved nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphates, in a lake or other body of water. If too much phosphate is present in the water, a dense growth of algae (algae bloom) and other organisms occurs. The resulting decay of this plant life chokes the waterway and depletes the shallow waters of oxygen in summer. This causes the death of fish and other important aquatic organisms. In response to lawsuits brought by environmental groups, the EPA has agreed to begin setting legal limits on excess nutrients that trigger harmful algal blooms.

One of the most common paths by which excess nutrients can enter waterways is from agricultural animal waste. In particular, corporate farming results in large amounts of animal waste that must be remediated.

  • Reach 100% Removal Rate of Organic Nitrogen
  • Reach 99% Removal Rate of Phosphorus
  • Return Lagoons to a Balanced N/P Ratio
  • Solids Can Be Placed On Phosphorus Deficient Land

Experiments have demonstrated that a geotextile tube can be successful in dewatering lagoon solids from a dairy lagoon. When used efficiently and with the correct polymers, the decanted water from a geotextile tube can be returned to the lagoon or discharged into local water tables, streams or storm drainage systems.

Sometimes a geotextile tube works sufficiently well for a particular lagoon without adding any chemicals. In cases where the tube clogs or the particles are too small to be contained, the addition of a polymer may be required. With the correct polymer, removal rates of phosphorus and organic nitrogen can reach 99% and 100% respectively.

The decanted water returned to the lagoon will have a more balanced ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus. The solids in the tube can be transported and used on land that is phosphorus deficient. Additional disposal options include transporting the entire filled dewatering tube to a landfill or leaving it on site.

Contact US Fabrics to learn more about the use of EcoTubes™ geotextile tubes in dealing with the safe remediation of animal waste.

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