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Boat Cleaning and Repair

For over a decade, a 7oz nonwoven geotextile has been utilized as a solution to the debris dislodged and discharged into the environment as a result of the cleaning and repair of boats at marinas. A nonwoven geotextile screens paint chips and debris such as nails and screws while still allowing water to pass through. In addition to a less polluted environment, this results in cleaner pads from which to enter a boat, less debris underfoot, fewer pedestrian falls and the reduction of punctured car and trailer tires.

  • Over A Decade As A Solution
  • Screens Paint Chips & Debris
  • Reduces Pollution
  • Cleaner, Safer Pads

The Environmental Protection Agency reports on their website:

"During 1995, Port Annapolis Marina spent approximately $2,000 for filter cloth tarps that screen debris and solid waste from water under boats being repaired outdoors. That resulted in clear benefits of increased slip rentals, public recognition, cleaner grounds and water, and fewer flat tires. The marina saves an estimated $3,500 in cleanup costs annually. The cost of the filter cloth was recovered by selling it to each boat being repaired. Less an estimated $1,500 labor cost, Port Annapolis saved an estimated $2,000 by investing in these environmentally sound screen tarps."

Clearly, the use of a 7 oz nonwoven geotextile not only results in significantly reduced suspended solids pollution and a much cleaner and safer marina, but realizes a net costs savings for the marina. It's a classic win-win situation!

Please click on the link below for a data sheet on US 180NW, a 7oz nonwoven geotextile perfect for boat cleaning & repair.