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Structural Wall Drainage

Drainage is a critical component of any building, basement, abutment, tunnel, bridge or other structure. Hydrostatic pressure is a powerful force that can cause catostrophic collapse. Water intrusion can cause permanent damage to concrete, asphalt, wood, steel as well as most items in the interior of a structure. Drainage geotextiles and geocomposites offer designers and builders excellent solutions when faced with basic or complex drainage problems.

Woven and nonwoven drainage geotextiles offer selections for various soils from fat clays to fine-grained sands. They can be utilized to wrap a stone drainage layer or perforated pipe to prevent fins from intrudinging into the drainage layer and causing clogging. Pre-fabricated drainboards are a great solution for waterproofing exterior walls, abutments, reaining walls and similar structures. They often do not utilize drainage stone and require much less excavation, saving time and money.

Typical Applications:

  • Buried structures
  • Highway Bridge Abutments and Wingwalls
  • Segmental Retaining Walls
  • Reservoir Roofs and Walls
  • Tunnels
  • Green Structures
  • Bridges, Abutments and Walls
  • Pavers
  • Tanks, Slabs and Culverts

AWD SITEDRAIN products installed behind structural walls help prevent the accumulation of water behind applied shotcrete and other fascia by collecting and redirecting the water to an outlet or collection system. This results in a safer, more durable structure.

AWD SITEDRAIN products are available in a variety of widths and configurations to maximize coverage and minimize waste in blindside waterproofing applications.

AWD SITEDRAIN products reduce and redirect subsurface water adjacent to retaining walls of all types. This reduction results in less hydrostatic pressure, less drainage or leakage at the wall facing, an increased factor of safety and may reduce the amount of structural fill required.

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