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Waste And Sludge Lagoons

Dealing with the solids or "sludge" that collects at the bottom of an anaerobic waste lagoon is challenging. If the sludge is not removed, the effectiveness of the lagoon is reduced.

First of all, the solids need to be suspended in the liquid in order to effectively remove them. Churning the liquid may work for a small lagoon, but most lagoons are too large for this to be effective. Applying sludge directly on the surrounding land is problematic because it is typically too high in organic nitrogen and phosphorus for these areas to handle.

Pumping the sludge into a tanker and hauling it to better suited areas is an expensive process. Large amounts must be transported and the liquid in the sludge must be minimized before it is transported.

  • Retain High % of Solids
  • Transport Waste More Easily
  • Store Waste More Easily

US Fabrics' EcoTubes™ geotextile tubes are an effective alternative. The tube retains a high percentage of the solids and allows the liquid to be returned to the lagoon. EcoTubes™ geotextile tubes allow you to handle the waste as a solid, transport it to more easily and store it safely for later use.

Please click on the following link to visit the EcoTubes™ Geotextile Dewatering Tubes product section of our website for data sheets and further information.

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