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US 330GN


An HDPE Geonet. Available with a 6 or 8 oz nonwoven attached to one side or both sides. Custom product may be available.

US 330GN
US 330GN Test Results
Property Test Method Unit Required Value Qualifier
ThicknessASTM D-5199milMAV300
Carbon Black ContentASTM D-4218%MAV2.0
Tensile StrengthASTM D-7179lb/inMAV75
Melt FlowASTM D-1238 (Condition 190/2.16)g/10 minMaximum1
DensityASTM D-1505g/cm3MAV0.94
TransmissivityASTM D-4716gal/min/ft (sm/sec)MAV38.67 (8 x10-3)
US 330GN Shipping & Packaging
Roll Sizeselect roll size from this list ->
Roll Diameter 33 in
Roll Width 14.0'
Roll Weight 1,300 lbs
Rolls per Trailer 24
AASHTO Plain Drainage

Notes:Transmissivity measured using water at 21 ± 2°C (70 ± 4°F) with a gradient of 0.1 and a confining pressure of 1000 psf between stainless steel plates after 15 minutes. Values may vary between individual labs. MARV is statistically defined as mean minus two standard deviations and it is the value which is exceeded by 97.5% of all the test data.

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