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US 670

Woven Filtration

NTPEP APPROVED - GTX-2016-01-082. US 670 is a woven, calendared, monofilament filtration geotextile made of 100% high-tenacity polypropylene yarns. A Percent Open Area of 4 - 6%, gives it excellent hydraulic properties, while reducing the chances of clogging. US 670 resists ultraviolet and biological deterioration, rotting, naturally encountered basics and acids. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13. US 670 will satisfy the requirements as outlined in AASHTO M-288-06 for Permanent Erosion Control & Subsurface Drainage Class 2 & 3 (>15% fines) and meets the following M.A.R.V. values except where noted:

US 670
US 670 Test Results
Property Test Method English Metric
Weight - TypicalASTM D-52615.6 oz/sy190 g/sm
Tensile StrengthASTM D-4632370 x 250 lbs1,646 x 1,112 N
Elongation @ BreakASTM D-463215 x 15%15 x 15%
Wide Width TensileASTM D-45952,700 x 1,740 lbs/ft (225 x 145 lbs/in)40 x 26 kN/m
Wide Width ElongationASTM D-459517 x 15%17 x 15%
Mullen Burst*ASTM D-3786*450 psi3,100 kPa
Puncture Strength*ASTM D-4833*120 lbs534 N
CBR PunctureASTM D-6241950 lbs4,228 N
Trapezoidal TearASTM D-4533100 x 60 lbs445 x 267 N
Apparent Opening SizeASTM D-475170 US Sieve0.212 mm
PermittivityASTM D-44910.28 Sec-10.28 Sec-1
PermeabilityASTM D-4491.01 cm/sec.01 cm/sec
Water Flow RateASTM D-449118 g/min/sf733 l/min/sm
Percent Open AreaCW-022154-6%4-6%
UV Resistance @ 500 HoursASTM D-435590%90%
US 670 Shipping & Packaging
Roll Sizeselect roll size from this list ->
Roll Diameter 9.0 in
Roll Width 12'
Roll Weight 210 lbs
Rolls per Trailer 209
Roll Diameter 9.0 in
Roll Width 6'
Roll Weight 105 lbs
Rolls per Trailer 419
AASHTO Drainage Class 2
AASHTO Erosion Control Class 2

* Historical averages (current values not available): Mullen Burst Strength ASTM D3786 is no longer recognized by ASTM D-35 on Geosynthetics as an acceptable test method. Puncture Strength ASTM D4833 is not recognized by AASHTO M288 and has been replaced with CBR Puncture ASTM D6241.

This information is provided for reference only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. US Fabrics assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information (1/2017).