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Product Benefits of US SWD

Replaces Old Pipe & Stone French Drain System

80% open area vs. 1-3% open area of a perforated 4" pipe

Over 30 gal./min./lf in-plane water flow capacity

No concerns about gravel quality or soil fines

Lower Installation Costs

Faster installation, usually 50% quicker

Less excavation - 3' x 12" trench compared to a 1' x 1' trench for SWD

Labor costs drastically reduced

No wheel barreling or hauling buckets of gravel to hard to reach project areas

Easy To Install

Flexible, lightweight rolls

Customized fitting to ensure maximum performance

No heavy equipment required

Predictable Performance

High compressive strength - 9,500 psf

Customized fitting ensure solid connections and long-term effectiveness


BOTTOM LINE: Cost less, goes in faster, and works better!

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