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State of New Mexico

New Mexico Department of Transportation

Geotextiles & DOT Specifications

JAN 2019



New Mexico DOT utilizes AASHTO M 288 for their geotextile specifications.

Below are US Fabrics' geotextile products that meet the New Mexico DOT specification, listed by their application.

The APL lists products approved for specification that can't be found in the current specification such as "Geogrid Reinforcement."

Click on the green product name for a data sheet.

US Fabrics Products Meeting New Mexico's DOT Specifications
Specification Application Non Woven Woven Composite Grid
Section 604.2.2Subsurface Drainage Geotextiles Class 2 (a)US 160NW   
Section 604.2.2Subsurface Drainage Geotextiles Class 3 (a)US 120NW   
Section 604.2.3Erosion Control Geotextile Class 1 (Nonwoven Option)US 205NW   
Section 604.2.3Erosion Control Geotextile Class 2 <15% Fines (Woven Option)  US 230  
Section 604.2.3Erosion Control Geotextile Class 2 >15% Fines (Woven Option) US 670  
Section 604.2.4Separation Geotextiles Class 2 (b)US 160NWUS 250  
Section 604.2.4Separation Geotextiles Class 3 (b)US 120NWUS 200  
Section 604.2.5Stabilization Geotextiles (c)US 205NWUS 315  
More resources may be found on the web:

New Mexico DOT Home Page

2014 Standard Specifications For Highway & Bridge Construction Section 604

Standard Specs (ALL)

State QPL information:

(APL) Approved Products List

Product Evaluation Application


• The above information is to be used only as a guide.

• Products on the above list can change without notice.

• Not all products are on the New Mexico D.O.T. APL. Please call to assure quoted products are on the APL.

(a) Subsurface Drainage Geotextile - Provide Class 2 geotextiles for drain system installations that require use of very coarse, sharp angular aggregate with a 1-inch- diameter or greater, or require a depth of trench greater than 6 ft. Provide Class 3 geotextiles for general underdrain installations that require smooth graded surfaces having no sharp angular projections and fine aggregate.

Erosion Control Geotextile - The Department prohibits the use of woven slit film geotextiles or geotextiles made from yarns of a flat tape-like character. If the Contractor uses a woven monofilament geotextile, the Contractor shall provide a Class 2 geotextile, otherwise the Contractor shall provide a Class 1 geotextile.

(b) Separation Geotextile - Use a Class 2 separator for Pavement Structures constructed over soils with an R-value greater than 20 to separate dissimilar Materials where water seepage is allowable. Use Class 2 geotextiles where installation requires a depth of trench greater than 10 ft, where stone drop height is to be more than zero, or where there is no sand cushion protection. The Department requires field trials where stone drop height exceeds 3 ft or where individual stone weight exceeds 250 lb. Use Class 3 geotextiles to prevent mixing of a Subgrade soil and an aggregate cover Material (Subbase, base, select Embankment, etc), to separate dissimilar Materials where water seepage is allowable. Do not use Class 3 geotextiles under pavement. The Contractor may also use Class 3 geotextiles in Structures or under conditions where the geotextile is protected by a sand cushion or by “0 drop height” placement of stone. Use Table 604.2.4:1, “Required Class of Separator Geotextile and Cover Thickness for R-values Greater Than or Equal to 20,” to determine the class of separator geotextile and the required minimum thickness.

(c) Stabilization Geotextile -Provide stabilization geotextile in wet, saturated conditions to provide separation, filtration, and also reinforcement. Use stabilization geotextiles for Pavement Structures constructed over soils with R-values from 10 to 20. The Contractor may provide stabilization geotextiles made of woven or non-woven Material. The Contractor may use stabilization geotextiles in applications that require a design by a licensed professional engineer. Obtain Department approval of these designs.
Table 604.2.1:1 Sets the default as a Class 1 for Stabilization.

Areas Served:

US Fabrics is proud to serve the geotextile needs of the State of New Mexico including: Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington, South Valley, Clovis, Hobbs, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Gallup, Deming, Los Lunas, Chaparral, Sunland Park, Las Vegas, Portales, Los Alamos, North Valley, Artesia, Lovington, Silver City, Española, Anthony, Grants, Socorro, Corrales, Bernalillo, Shiprock, Bloomfield, Ruidoso, Kirtland, Belen, Raton, Aztec, Truth or Consequences, Zuni Pueblo, Eldorado at Santa Fe, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, White Rock, Taos, El Cerro-Monterey Park, Los Chaves, Tucumcari, Placitas, Rio Communities, Meadow Lake, Santa Teresa, University Park, Bosque Farms, La Cienega, Edgewood, Peralta, Milan, Vado, Chimayo, Holloman AFB, Clayton, Eunice and all other areas of New Mexico.