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US Fabrics Driveway/Stabilization Fabric

Installation of US 200 Driveway Fabric to stabilize a gravel driveway. Stop buying gravel every year! US 200 keeps gravel from being pushed into the subgrade and mud from "pumping" up into the gravel.


US Fabrics Geotextile Tube

Fabricated geotextile tubes are used in environmental remediation and on civil engineering projects including tunneling, bridge construction, wetland reclamation, shoreline protection, groynes, breakwaters and containment of solid particles from animal waste. Click here for more information on Sludge Dewatering Tubes.


US Fabrics SWD Backyard Drainage

US SWD Backyard Drainage installation video.


Welded Wire Faced, Reinforced, Vegetated Slope

Our good friend, Joe Kowalski of, put together this excellent demonstration showing the various components of geogrid reinforced, soil slopes. They utilize welded wire frames, facing geogrid and optional vegetation matting as fascia elements in lieu of segmental block.

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