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AREMA Geotextiles

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) have developed standards for railroad track separation and stabilization applications. These standards are published in the AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering in Table 1-10-2 “Physical Requirements for Railroad Track Separation/Stabilization.”

This unique and demanding application requires geotextiles that have high strength; can resist the unique abrasive forces resulting from the weight of the locomotive and the grinding action of the ballast (rock) against the geotextile; and allow sufficient water to pass to avoid water logged areas that could be very problematic.

The AREMA specification lists 3 Survivability Requirements: “Regular”, “Heavy” and “Extra Heavy”. US Fabrics offers a line of high strength, non-woven geotextiles that meet these demanding standards. Click on a data sheet on the right side of the page for specific product properties.

2022 AREMA Fabrics for Railroad Track Stabilization



Extra Heavy




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