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Geosynthetic Face Wrap

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StrataMesh is a geosynthetic reinforcement face wrap for use in temporary or permanent wirefaced slopes and walls, manufactured using high-tenacity polypropylene monofilament yarns and ultraviolet inhibitors to provide UV protection. The yarns are woven into a dimensionally stable, uniform network of apertures providing significant tensile capacity, while promoting vegetation growth. This polypropylene monofilament geogrid is engineered to be both mechanically and chemically durable, in both the harsh construction installation phase and aggressive soil environments. StrataMesh is Green and Black.

Detailed Overview
Stratamesh General Application(s):
Property Test Method English Metric
Ultimate Tensile StrengthMARV ASTM D-6637 1,764 x 1,884 lbs/ft 25.75 x 27.51 kN/m
Creep Limited Strength(1) ASTM D-5262/D-6992 588 x 628 lbs/ft 8.58 x 9.17 kN/m
Aperture DimensionsNominal Measured 0.12 x 0.1 inches 3 x 2.54 mm
Long Term Design Strength(2) LTDS 509 x 544 lbs/ft 7.43 x 7.94 kN/m
UV Resistance @ 3000 Hours ASTM D-4355 99 x 100 % 99 x 100 %
  • (1)Creep rupture strength is based on 114-year design life as determined in accordance with ASTM D5262 and D6992.
  • (2)Based upon LTDS = (Ultimate Tensile Strength)  (FScr x FSid x FSdur) (FSid based on soil gradation consistent with Dmax= 125mm, D50 ≤ 20mm, 15% passing #200 Sieve).

Stratamesh Shipping & Packaging Information

Size Width Weight Area
8' x 270' 8' 90 lbs 240 y²
This information is provided for reference only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. US Fabrics assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information.
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