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Typar Typar 3401 US Fabric Equivalent is DuPont SF 40

DuPont SF 40 is a nonwoven, spunbonded, continuous filament, polypropylene geotextile offering the consistent quality expected of spunbond geotextiles. DuPont SF 40 resists ultraviolet and biological deterioration, rotting, naturally encountered basics and acids. Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13. DuPont SF 40 meets the following M.A.R.V. values except where noted:

Typar® 3401 is a polypropylene, continuous filament, heatbonded fabric with superior uniformity that separates, reinforces and filters soil particles while letting water pass freely through. This data sheet for Typar® 3401 is provided for comparison purposes only. Typar® 3401 meets the following M.A.R.V. values except where noted:

Typar Typar 3401 Test Data

Property Test Method English Metric
WeightTypical ASTM D-5261 4 oz/y² 135.6 g/m²
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D-4632 130 lbs 578 N
Elongation @ Break ASTM D-4632 60 % 60 %
Pin Puncture(3) ASTM D-3786 41 lbs 180 N
CBR Puncture ASTM D-6241 225 lbs 1,001 N
Trapezoidal Tear ASTM D-4533 60 lbs 267 N
Apparent Opening Size(1,2) ASTM D-4751 70 US Sieve 0.21 mm
Permittivity(1) ASTM D-4491 0.7 Sec⁻¹ 0.7 Sec⁻¹
Water Flow Rate(1) ASTM D-4491 60 g/min/f² 2,460 L/min/m²
UV Resistance @ 500 Hours ASTM D-4355 70 % 70 %
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