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US 450T EcoTube™

Sludge Dewatering Tubes

US 450T is a woven geotextile produced from polypropylene slit-film tapes. This product is used for filtration and dewatering applications and in manufacturing geotextile sludge dewatering tubes. US 450T meets the following M.A.R.V. values:


US 450T EcoTube™
US 450T EcoTube™ Test Results
Property Test Method English Metric
Wide Width TensileASTM D-45955,400 x 7,500 lbs/ft (450 x 625 lbs/in)79.0 x 109.0 kN/m
Wide Width ElongationASTM D-459517 x 13%17 x 13%
CBR PunctureASTM D-62412,000 lbs8,900 N
Puncture Strength*ASTM D-4833*250 lbs1,113 N
Trapezoidal TearASTM D-4533280 x 300 lbs1,246 x 3,600 N
Apparent Opening SizeASTM D-475140 US Sieve0.425 mm
PermittivityASTM D-44910.260 sec-10.260 sec-1
Water Flow RateASTM D-449120 g/min/sf815 l/min/sm
Factory Seam StrengthASTM D-4884400 lbs/in69.7 kN/m
UV Resistance @ 1,200 HoursASTM D-435570%70%
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* Historical averages (current values not available): Puncture Strength ASTM D4833 is not recognized by AASHTO M288 and has been replaced with CBR Puncture ASTM D6241.

This information is provided for reference only and is not intended as a warranty or guarantee. US Fabrics assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information (1/2019).